Public/Product Liability Insurance

Public/Product Liability Insurance

The most commonly required form of miners insurance is public liability.

Public liability insurance will respond in the event that you cause property damage or personal injury to a third party.

You will almost always find that public liability is mandatory before you are able to enter a mine site as a contractor.

Whilst many contractors buy public liability from a direct insurer, you will find that these insurers will exclude any type of mining work but through license broker; it is negotiated at reduce rate of premium payable.

In fact, most insurance policies, even those through insurance brokers, will have a blanket exclusion for any work on a mine site or related to mining.

This means you need a specialist insurance policy that does cover not just mining, but the specific type of work you are doing on mine sites.

For example, some public liability policies will cover work on mine sites, but not if the work relates to the mining activities.  So if you are doing electrical work in the accommodation areas you will be covered, but if you are doing electrical work on the mining equipment you would not be covered.

So it is important to tell your broker exactly what you are doing so they can get you the appropriate level of cover.

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